Our OCT scanner can diagnose an array of health conditions as well as eye problems

Most people think of their eye test as simply an assessment of how well they can see. Whilst vision does form a significant part of the testing process, it’s also extremely important to make sure the inside of your eye is healthy too. Many visual conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, can be detected from internal symptoms. What’s more, other health problems like high blood pressure and even heart disease can also be identified from subtle changes in the eye.

One of the best ways of thoroughly assessing your eye health is by using an advanced piece of equipment called an Ocular Coherence Tomography – OCT – scanner.

An OCT scan uses sophisticated technology to take a series of pictures with a quick and simple scan of your eye. The machine then compiles these pictures into a 3D image which will be used to identify any abnormalities or areas that might require further examination. The scan is particularly useful at identifying macular degeneration or glaucoma at an early stage.

The images produced by an OCT camera are up to 25 times higher in resolution than any other retinal camera. They separate the different layers within the retina, meaning that we can view a cross-sectional image in greater detail than retinal photography alone would allow.

It is recommended that you have an OCT scan as part of your regular eye examination to enable us to determine whether any changes in your sight are as a result of normal wear and tear or a sign of a more serious condition. The scan itself takes approximately 12 minutes. There is a minimal charge levied for the scan, as it is not covered by the NHS, but we believe this is a small price to pay for the reassurance it provides.

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