We’ll conduct a thorough eye examination, including the parts that can’t be seen

When you visit the optician you want to know that your eye health has been thoroughly examined, with no aspect of your vision missed. At Bath Opticians we can check even the parts of your eye that can’t be seen externally, by photographing your retina.

The retina is the layer of cells at the back of the eye where incoming images are focused. Damage to these cells can result in problems with your vision, and serious damage can even cause blindness. Taking regular pictures of your retina allows us to monitor and detect any changes before they develop into serious problems.

A retinal photograph is a two-dimensional digital picture showing the surface of the retina. The detail it provides means that it is ideal for use as a routine screening tool, to make sure that the internal surfaces in the eyeball are healthy.

At Bath Opticians we have retinal imaging technology that allows us to view up to 400% more of the back of your eye than could be seen manually. That’s why we strongly recommend that you have regular retinal photos taken, so that we can make sure nothing is missed when we assess your eyes.

The photography process itself is quick and painless, so nothing to worry about. Once the image has been taken, your optometrist will use it to assess the layers of your retina and check for any lesions or areas of concern.

Your retinal images will be kept on file so that they can be compared against new ones on future visits. This allows us to closely monitor the health of the inside of your eye, and provide any necessary treatment to stop the development of any potential problems.

For more information about retinal photography, or to book an appointment to have your eyes tested at Bath Opticians, please call 01225 427353 or email info@bathoptician.co.uk.