Our optician holds an Advanced Diploma in contact lenses; the highest accreditation available


Are you interested in wearing contact lenses? Maybe you like the idea of them but you’re worried about inserting and removing them? Or you don’t know very much about this type of eyewear in general?

At Bath Opticians Ltd you really couldn’t be in better hands when considering contact lenses. One of our opticians holds the DCLP Advanced Diploma in contact lenses – the highest accreditation available. Our head optometrist Andrew Edwards also has a wealth of experience fitting individuals with lenses and providing unrivalled aftercare for users.

Contact lenses are a very popular alternative to spectacles. Today they’re available in a number of materials and designs which means they’re more comfortable and can be worn for longer.

Due to the variety of contact lenses available, it is extremely likely that there is an option for you; no matter what your prescription.

We stock a wide range of contact lenses at Bath Opticians Ltd. These include:

  • Disposable lenses – perfect for activities, youngsters and those who don’t wish to wear lenses every day
  • Extended wear lenses – can be worn for up to a month; even during sleep
  • Soft lenses – ideal for comfortable all day wear
  • Soft lenses for dry eyes – designed to prevent dry eye from occurring
  • Hard gas permeable lenses – allow oxygen to pass through to the eye’s surface so that eye cells can breathe; this reduces the chance of dry eye
  • Multifocal soft and hard lenses – for those who require more than one prescription from one lens (for example near and distance vision)
  • Coloured lenses – change the appearance of your eyes to suit your mood or outfit

When you have your lenses supplied by our experts at Bath Opticians Ltd you can rest assured you’re being looked after by highly recommended contact lens specialists in England. One of our opticians is often referred to by doctors in London and will happily offer you his extensive knowledge about using and caring for contact lenses.