Say goodbye to thick, bulky lenses and hello to thin, attractive options


When it comes to your new eyewear, the lenses you put in your spectacles are just as important as the frame you choose. Thanks to major advances in lens technology over the years, today there are more choices available to you than ever before.

You may be excited to learn that the thick, bulky lenses you were once used to are being replaced by thinner, lighter and clearer options. Almost all prescriptions can be made up into these modern designs; so your prescription no longer has to restrict your frame choice.

As well as looking great you want your glasses to provide the best visual acuity possible. By applying a specialist tint or coating to your lenses you could also make your eyewear scratch-resistant, smudge resistant and free from harmful glare.

At Bath Opticians Ltd we vow to do everything in our power to provide you with the lenses best suited to your needs. We have great relationships with all major lens manufacturers, which means we can offer you a bespoke service if you don’t find what you require in practice.

If you’d like to know what you’re going to look like in your new eyewear, we’re able to show you on our Varilux application on our iPad. Using specialist software we can show you how different lenses will look in your chosen frame, so that you can order the perfect pair of glasses knowing they’re going to look great!

Whether you require multiple prescriptions from one lens, reading glasses, or something to prevent headaches when working with computers, we have something to help.