Our specialist eye examinations are designed to help you manage your dyslexia

Although an estimated 10 per cent of the population are dyslexic, it’s a condition that’s still not fully understood.

Put simply, people with dyslexia find it more difficult to process information in certain ways, and that means reading and writing can be a struggle.

Sufferers will often experience visual stress, common symptoms of which include:

  • Headaches when reading
  • Words appearing blurred or unfocused
  • Letters shaking on the page
  • Sensitivity to bright or harsh lights.

Our role in visual stress management

Many of our patients don’t realise the role optometry can play in managing their condition, but with the right equipment and training, your optician can help alleviate some of these common vision issues.

That’s why we’ve invested in innovative technology that allows us to create corrective lenses to suit your specific needs.

With Intuitive Overlay Assessments using a revolutionary computerised programme, that you won’t find in every optician’s testing room.

Our assessments involve the following steps:

  1. You’ll be asked to read text aloud from the computer screen
  2. Our optician will be in the room, listening to how well and fast you read
  3. Different coloured filters will be applied to the text on screen
  4. You’ll then complete the same initial reading task with each filter

This stress-free test allows us to determine which colour enables you to read most comfortably and effectively. We can then make you specialist eyewear with the appropriate coloured lenses.

We are experienced in helping dyslexic patients

We are proud that over the past few years of performing these specialist eye exams, we’ve managed to help several patients minimise the effects of their visual stress with eyewear solutions.

Whether it’s a problem you’re experiencing yourself or one that you think may be affecting your child, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are happy to share our expert advice to make your family’s vision as strong as possible.

We are a phone call away on 01255 427353 if you want to know more