Discover sports eyewear designed to fit around your active lifestyle

Whether your passion is golf or tennis, football or swimming, your glasses should help you perform at your best every time.

Yet many people find that their current eyewear, complete with lenses that constantly steam up or frames that don’t sit securely, is more of a hindrance than anything else.

To help our patients enjoy their favourite hobbies and activities without sacrificing on vision, we stock a range of specialist sports eyewear.

Specially designed sports eyewear gives you:

  • Protection: it’ll help to keep your eyes safe from harm or accidental damage, and UV-resistant lenses can be fitted to manage the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Enhanced sight: from prescription lenses to coloured tints and anti-steam coatings, there are lots of alterations we can make to ensure you’re given the best visual acuity possible.

We rely on a number of quality brands for sports eyewear to deliver this service, including the world-renowned Oakley and industry leader Ray-Ban.

We will help you pick the right pair

Pop in for an appointment and our friendly dispensing opticians will talk you through the picking the right frames, as well as the different options for tailoring them to suit your specific needs.

We are on the other end of the phone at 01225 427353 if you’d like more information