Don’t let your eyesight hinder your sporting performance; try specialist eyewear


When it comes to your favourite sport, do you find that your glasses can get in the way? Maybe you choose not to wear your spectacles and therefore can’t perform to the best of your abilities?

At Bath Opticians we offer a variety of specialist sports eyewear so that you can enjoy your favourite sports and activities without having to worry about your vision.

All of the specialist eyewear at our practice has been specifically designed to protect your vision from the threats posted by your favourite activities. It doesn’t matter whether your chosen sport is golf, football or swimming; you can rest assured that your eye are going to be safe and your vision left unhindered.

As well as offering great protection and looking stylish, almost all of the sports eyewear we stock can be fitted with your prescription. Your vision therefore never has to interfere with your sporting performance ever again.

When you visit our practice one of our friendly dispensing opticians will show you our large range of specialist eyewear, which includes designs by world renowned brands such as Oakley and Ray-ban. They will then help you select the eyewear that is best suited to your needs.

Oakley has a formidable reputation when it comes to sports eyewear, boasting an exceptional range of frames featuring a number of tints, coatings and special features. You’re guaranteed to find the eyewear perfect for you and your sport of choice.

Similarly, the quality of Ray-Ban products has positioned their brand as one of the top in
the market for sports eyewear. Their polarised lenses have been proven to block more than
99% of reflected light. They are also resistant to scratches, UV light and even sweat acidity, helping to improve your sporting performance and comfort.

Once you’ve chosen the right eyewear for you, we’ll also be able to recommend tints and coatings to further enhance your visual acuity. For example a brown tint will enable golfers to see the ball more clearly on the fairway, and an anti-steam coating will benefit swimmers.

Remember, it’s not just active adults we cater for at Bath Opticians. We appreciate that your little one may also need eyewear whilst playing their favourite sport. Why not speak to one of our experienced team members about the best options for your child?